How to Get the Most Out of Painter’s Tape

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A painter’s tape is a handy house painting tool that can drastically affect how a paint job would look like. Unfortunately, many homeowners who got the DIY route don’t use this tool. As a result, their house painting project is a mediocre attempt at something that would’ve looked marvelous. Who would’ve thought that a simple […]

Consider These 10 Things Before You Start Painting Your House Exterior

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Before you start embarking on your exterior painting project, there are a few things you need to prepare for first. And we’re not talking about the prep work you need to do to lessen the mistakes and mitigate the mess during the project. Read on to see the things you need to consider that will drastically affect […]

4 Exterior Paint Color Schemes for Your Home

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4 Exterior Paint Color Schemes for Your Home If you want to leave a good first impression without giving too much away, use a beautiful and compelling color palette for your home’s exterior. Remember that the inside and outside of your home are one seamless space. So, when deciding on an exterior color scheme, remember […]