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4 Exterior Paint Color Schemes for Your Home

If you want to leave a good first impression without giving too much away, use a beautiful and compelling color palette for your home’s exterior. Remember that the inside and outside of your home are one seamless space. So, when deciding on an exterior color scheme, remember that these are one of the most crucial components that make up a house. Therefore, it is essential to coordinate the color schemes inside and outside to improve the flow between the two areas.

Here are some of the best color schemes to explore for your exterior house painting in Glastonbury, CT, guaranteed to grab the right kind of attention.

4 Color Schemes for Your Glastonbury, CT Home Exterior

Deep Blue and White

Given that the deep blue paint color is inherently relaxing, it stands to reason that it would also be pleasing to the sight. Hence, you can find widespread use of this color in traditional building design in Glastonbury, CT.

Additionally, it complements the neutral tones of commercial bluestone. In any case, you can rest assured that these hues will blend nicely with Glastonbury’s surrounding areas. At the same time, its profoundness permits an out-of-the-way style and an adventurous spirit. It’s recommended that white be used for the trim because it looks great with the deep blue.

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White and Light Gray

Light gray and white is the safest approach you can go for your home exterior. After all, the combination is flexible, and you can use it as a trim or with gray walls. If you’re nitpicky about dirt and debris, opt for gray than white. Regardless, you must choose an intense roof color to prevent your home exterior from looking “washed out.” Generally, dark red or brown roofing complements these subtle colors the best.

White, Dark Brown, and Tan

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Using gradients of brown as facets, you may give the impression of depth. For instance, you may achieve a similar look by combining beige and light brown tones. In addition, you can choose beige for the walls and white trim to make the colors pop while saving the dark brown for accent pieces. Regardless, this one-of-a-kind color scheme goes great with light brown and related tones and may make any house’s façade feel more welcoming.

Beige, Charcoal, and Dark green

When it comes to exterior paint, many people avoid the color green because it can be overwhelming if you choose the wrong shade or cover too much area. However, suppose you pair it with complementary hues or use it as an accent. In that case, it might evoke a modern European or rustic atmosphere. Charcoal and beige are the common foundation and balancing colors for dark green. You can make a comfortable and inviting space with this.


Now that you know better what to do with your home’s exterior, it’s time to grab a paint can and begin! Remember, you can’t always jump straight into painting your exterior. You’ll need to do some prep work to guarantee the best results. And you must ensure the surfaces are ready for painting, and often, it’s best to prime them first before you apply the paint.

But to guarantee a top-quality finish, hire a reputable painting contractor from Glastonbury Professionals House Painters. They offer top-tier painting services in Glastonbury. Give them a call today for a free consultation and quote!