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Consider These 10 Things Before You Start Painting Your House Exterior

Before you start embarking on your exterior painting project, there are a few things you need to prepare for first. And we’re not talking about the prep work you need to do to lessen the mistakes and mitigate the mess during the project. Read on to see the things you need to consider that will drastically affect the quality of your paint job.

Quality First, Price Later

It might be tempting to be a cheapskate and spend less money on quality paint, but trust us – you don’t want that. Opting for lesser quality paint to save more money is a recipe for disaster. When it comes to house painting, the more expensive the paint is, the better. Using high-quality paint means your paint will last longer, and you won’t worry about painting your house over and over as the years go by.

Check the Weather Forecast

Every home improvement project must start with a well-formulated plan. This planning will include timing your project during the best season in the year when the weather and temperature are right. Do your best to select a time of the year when your area is dry and will experience little rain and low humidity. If you decide to paint during the rainy season, your paint will have a hard time drying.

Prime, Prime, Prime!

Painting companies in Glastonbury, CT, have an unspoken rule: prime first before painting. Doing so will help the paint adhere to the surfaces better. Priming is also essential, especially when trying to paint anything with dark color with something lighter. Be sure to check your options when shopping for primer, as there is paint in primer in one product available in the market today.

Paint from Top to Bottom

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To paint efficiently, you must start painting from the top of your house to the bottom. This method will help you control the streaks and clean the dripping paint.

Combine Cans of Paint

Pros usually buy multiple cans of paint of the same color and mix them in one large container. This will ensure you get a uniform paint application on your exterior. Additionally, combining the paints will eliminate the risk of uneven color matching if you run out of paint and your local paint shop doesn’t have the same paint in their inventory anymore.

Dirt is the Enemy #1

Most painting companies in Glastonbury, CT, suggest you power wash your home’s exterior surfaces first before painting. This procedure is necessary to eliminate all the dust, grime, and dirt buildup on the surfaces. Your paint will adhere much better if the walls are clean.

Rotten Siding is the Enemy #2

Before painting, you must inspect your house for damages like rotten wood and siding material. These things are nearly worthless to paint, and they will give you a massive headache since they’re bound to deteriorate over time. You can either replace those sidings or wood trims or use a wood hardener and an exterior filler product.

Protect Your Landscape

House painting can be messy, so do your best to protect your shrubbery and hedges. To protect them, you can cover them with drop cloths. Outdoor furniture, grills, and anything on your property near the site must also be covered or moved away. 

Seal It Properly

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After the paint job, be sure to store your leftover paint properly. Close the container and lightly tap the lid with a rubber mallet. You can also put a plastic sheet on the opening before the lid and seal it with a rubber mallet to prevent air from ruining the paint.

Add Grit

Painted porches and floors tend to be slick after you paint them. To avoid this problem, add some fine sand to the paint. This will add traction and extra texture to the paint once you apply it.

Get the Help of the Best Glastonbury Painting Company

Exterior house painting is no easy feat. If you want the best results, you need the help of an expert – the best painting company in Glastonbury, CT. Glastonbury Professionals House Painters can provide a professional-looking paint job guaranteed to last a long time. Contact them today to get started!